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Correctional Eye Care is All That We Do

We understand that meeting eye care standards is just one of your many needs. Fortunately, our world revolves around eye care so yours doesn’t have to. In fact, we have been the country’s largest privately-owned provider of on-site vision services and prison-approved prescription eye wear for over 35 years.

Correctional eye care is all that we do. Our optical lab is 100% dedicated to fabricating correctional-approved eye wear and returning your order in less than 5 days. Our professional network of optometrists is committed to meeting your on-site vision services needs for all types of eye care, and we will schedule our services to meet your facility’s specific needs.

How We Got Here

In the early 80’s Dr. Jeffrey R. Lose, O.D. was approached by a correctional facility to provide on-site exams. He noticed that institutions regularly arranged for expensive and inefficient off-site trips in order to fulfill simple, but essential, eye care needs. Prescription eye wear was delivered, but only after long delays, and they often didn’t include a selection of frames that were approved for correctional use. Institutions were seeing backlogs and creating unnecessary security complications.

In response, Dr. Lose began to offer on-site vision services, complete with mobile equipment that would allow any optometrist to provide the same standard of care and exams as in their private practice. And he did so at a better price. Soon after, he opened the optical lab, with the sole purpose of fabricating frames to meet the needs of correctional institutions. He brought us to the forefront again in the year 2000, when we became the first on-site provider of ocular health management. Since then, we’ve been able to offer testing beyond vision needs, pioneering the ability to test and manage a host of eye diseases, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

Dr. Lose continues to lead our company as owner and president, and today we are the country’s largest on-site visions services provider to correctional facilities, serving over 20% of the U.S. facilities on every level. And we do so through our network of over 700 licensed and credentialed eye care professionals. So, no matter where your facility is in the US, we have a licensed optometrist who can come to you (and if you’re outside of the US, give us call—we’ve began working internationally since 2000).

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