Leading On-Site Correctional Eye Care for Over 35 Years.


Sharing Your Vision for Excellence in On-Site Eye Care Since 1983

It hasn’t taken all 35 years to learn what our customers need, but with that much time, we’ve certainly fine-tuned our services and mastered how to deliver it quickly. That’s why over 20% of US correctional facilities—from federal prisons to county jails—choose us as their eye care partner.

With our expansive network of 700 licensed and credentialed ocular health professionals, we can work with you no matter your size or location in all 50 states. And the people you serve can count on high quality prescription glasses fabricated & shipped to them in less than 5 days every time.

Institutional Eye Care

About Us

Institutional Eye Care is the country’s largest on-site visions services provider to correctional facilities. With a network of over 700 licensed and credentialed professionals, our partnerships extend to all 50 states, and we have provided on-site vision services internationally since 2000.

Institutional Eye Care

Our Services

We offer the full range of vision services: on-site vision including routine eye exams, refractions, dilated retina exams, and ophthalmology diagnosis, and provide affordable prescription eye glasses that meet federal safety standards. We provide all services with in-state licensed optometrists or ophthalmologists.

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