On-Site Ocular Health

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On-Site Services Beyond Vision Exams

Scope of Services

Some facilities already receive on-site care for vision exams, but rarely are they able to arrange for on-site exams that include other eye health needs. That’s where we differ from our competitors. We are the only provider of mobile ocular health management services in the country, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years.

We can treat patients with a wide range of eye health needs on-site, including patients with glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or macular degeneration. We provide the technical testing, and, if needed, ophthalmology oversight to complete nerve fiber layer analysis, optical nerve head imaging, ocular pressure measurements (tonometry), corneal thickness measurement (pachymetry), angle assessment, and digital retinal imaging.

Our testing capabilities can also be integrated into correctional medical care of those neurological conditions that result in visual field loss such as strokes, aneurysms, or tumors. In addition, our visual field testing can help assess the extent of head trauma.

Ophthalmological examinations are by referral only, after a patient has received a routine eye exam from a licensed optometrist. The data gathered from this exam is then forwarded to the managing ophthalmologist thru our own secure HIPAA compliant data sharing program. Our ophthalmologist can then assess the data and make an initial diagnose, initiate an ongoing medical management plan, and set a follow-up appointment and/or referral. We then send one of our trained teams to perform the necessary tests.

The data gathered from our testing this exam is then forwarded to the managing ophthalmologist thru via our own secure HIPAA compliant data sharing program. Our program can also be fully implemented with virtually any existing EMR program used by your facility, and our tests can be made available to consulting physicians, neurologist, or other health care decision makers beyond our own network of ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Our On-Site Technical Services

  • Visual Fields are performed on site using the EasyField portable visual field unit by Oculus. This fully portable visual field unit provides 24-2 and many other visual software programs required to manage glaucoma and other visual field loss.

  • Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis is accomplished using the portable iVue OCT by Optovue. The OCT reveals and quantifies the integrity of the microcellular structures and thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer. This is the “gold standard” in differentiating glaucoma patients with progressive optic nerve damage, particularly effective in early detection. It also quantifies retina and macular edema, hemorrhages and changes in retina thickness required to properly assess and manage diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other eye health conditions.

  • Pachymetry, or corneal thickness measurement, is part of the iVue system. This program provides corneal thickness assessment for the entire cornea – not just a selected area or average of multiple tests.

  • Angle Imaging is also part of the iVue system. With this program the managing eye doctor is provided a permanent image of the drainage angle.

  • Digital Retinal Imaging, i.e. retinal photography, is performed using the EasyScan by I-Optics or iCam non-mydriatic camera system. This is standard of care in managing most retinopathies. Non-mydriatic cameras offer the potential to acquire retina images without dilating the pupil. Digital images afford a greater level of permanent documentation accuracy compared to hand written notes or drawings.

  • Tonometry is performed using the Avia Tonopen by Reichert. The Avia performs 10 separate inter-ocular pressure measurements with a standard deviation to assure accuracy.

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