On-Site Optometry


Routine Exams Brought to Your Facility

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We provide on-site optometry services at correctional facilities anywhere in the country, and all our services are provided by in-state licensed or reciprocated optometrists.  

Routine on site optometry examinations include:

  • Problem oriented history

  • Visual acuity

  • Eye Health Assessment

  • Refraction

  • Disposition

  • Eyeglass order generation when indicated

  • Completion of any documentation or records

  • Additional vision services within the equipment parameters and scope of optometrists as provided by the state

  • Referral to an ophthalmologist, or other physician(s) or telemedicine services for eye care beyond the scope of optometry in the State will occur as needed.

Our Process

Our process begins with coordinating a schedule with you facility medical staff and the examining optometrist. We ensure that we find the best time for both your facility and our provider as it best fits your institution’s needs. Each facility is responsible for providing an adequately sized room. Should any facility not be sufficiently equipped, we can make arrangements for our optometrists to provide portable eye care equipment.

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